Friday, November 20, 2009

Rainbow Shrimp(green)

This little beauty is captured in my planted aquarium. I had 4 at the beginning, now I have almost hundreds of them breeding happily.
They are accompanied by the Red Cherry Shrimps in the tank.
This is Indian Dwarf Shrimp, called rainbow shrimp, it is Caridina sp. Found around Kolkata, and are very popular among the Kolkata planted aquarium lovers. This are very helpful in controlling algae in the planted tank around.


  1. Hi Avik,
    I am keen on starting a planted aquarium with hardy shrimps such as Red Cherry Shrimps. Can you suggest where i can get these in Kolkata?
    i have tried many of the LFS but apparently they don't stock them here... Do you deal in them??
    Your advice would be REALLY appreciated


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